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Montessori school
Odesa, Akademichna street (temporary closed)

“Montessori. First steps” is a network of early development centres, private Montessori kindergartens for children from 1 to 6 years old. Our schools are present in Kyiv, Odesa and Uzhgorod.

We are an energetic team of educators who are passionate about making the learning process pleasant for the child. We focus on meeting the individual needs of each child using the Maria Montessori method, ensuring the child’s comprehensive development.

The culture of our Montessori school is aimed at helping every child to realize his or her full potential, to feel joy and to develop a love for learning. Our goal is to grow each child up as a respectful and independent personality.

«Children are given to us for a certain time, and we are responsible for their faith in themselves and love of the world» 

Maria Montessori

Advantages of the kindergarten “Montessori. First steps” at Akademichna street


  • Classes are held in both native and English languages, so that children are immersed in two linguistic environments and learn to express their thoughts in their native and foreign languages.
  • All of our teachers have successfully completed special Montessori teacher training courses.
  • We offer an individual approach to each child.
  • The absence of a classroom system allows the child to feel relaxed and makes it possible to join the group throughout a year.
  • The school also works with parents by conducting individual parent conferences, trainings, seminars and master classes.
  • Suitable conditions for socialization, development of leadership qualities, independence and self-confidence.
  • You can choose a convenient schedule of classes for your child.

Please be aware: our kindergartens in Kyiv and Odesa are temporary closed. Apply for consultation and for more information about resuming of our work