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Baby Little Stars

Montessori group with mom

Developing classes for children from 1 to 2 years old

У віці від народження до двох років головними вчителями для дитини є її батьки, а в особливості мама. Завдяки її коханню, турботі, підтримці, дитина знайомиться з оточуючим світом, формує власний світогляд та вчиться жити й працювати в колективі. Саме тому Центр розвитку дитина відвідує разом з мамою, яка допомагає їй робити свої перші кроки та відкриття.

From birth to the age of two, the main teachers for a child are his or her parents, and especially the mother. Thanks to her love, care and support, the child gets acquainted with the surrounding world, shapes its own outlook and learns to live and work in a group. That’s why we created Baby Little Stars groups which child attends together with his/her mother, who helps to make first steps and to explore the world.

We teach mom:

  • to observe: to feel the needs and possibilities of her child,
  • to concentrate on her own child,
  • to offer help only if the child needs it,
  • to cooperate: to enjoy the interaction with her own child and other children.

We teach children:

  • to be independent: with the help of parents, to acquire skills of self-service, to engage oneself, to find right place and time for it,
  • to be confident: be successful,
  • to be friedly: open for communication.

The early development of children aged 1-2 years old occurs at a very rapid pace. To support their craving for exploring the world, we prepared the special environment where children have the opportunity to get acquainted with different objects, their properties, to understand their purpose and to develop their vocabulary.

Early development classes for children aged 1-2 include musical exercises, songs and dances, motility games, music games with subjects (bells, maracas, sticks, handkerchiefs, etc.), puppet theatre and others. Developing activities for children from the age of 1 are designed in such a way that children grow intellectually, physically and socially. They gradually learn to dance and play with their peers, developing a sense of rhythm, musical abilities, memory and attention.

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